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By delivering an exceptional hotel product and guest experience, we strive to create an appreciation of our owners’ investment in our properties, so they choose to reinvest in our assets and seek new hotel development opportunities.

“The hotel combines mid-century and modern elements to create a comfortable, contemporary atmosphere. The majority of the hotel’s furnishings were custom-made modern interpretations of mid-century pieces.”

Equis Hotels is continuing to develop, reposition, and build hotel properties across different hotel segments. Our team’s remarkable range of expertise allows Equis to handle every facet of a hotel project and deliver the highest ROI to our partners.

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Equis is an active hotel player in the industry with established permanent banking and investment capital relationships with Nationwide Insurance, Standard Insurance Company, GE Real Estate, Mass Mutual/Cornerstone Real Estate Advisors, HVS International, Rockbridge Capital, and Hometeam Capital. Additionally, the firm maintains active banking construction/bridge loan relationships with LaSalle Bank (now Bank of America), The Private Bank, Midland States Bank, Commerce Bank, Enterprise Bank & Trust, Centrue Bank, Reliance Bank, and Busey Bank.

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Latest news

Equis banking on extended stay models for hotel business

Equis Hotels CEO Mike Mullenix got into the hotel business by mistake. In the 1990s, he owned land across from the St. Charles riverboat and thought he would build a hotel there to see what that experience would be like. One hotel then turned into several hotels, he said.


Equis raises $6.5 million for projects, plans $45 million hotel

Michael Mullenix, founder and CEO of Equis Hospitality Management, is utilizing a relatively new rule born out of the federal JOBS Act that allows him to generally solicit qualified investors to help pay for two of his latest projects…


125-room hotel planned on former Harry’s site

Michael Mullenix, founder and CEO of Equis Hospitality Management, is in the beginning stages of planning a new hotel on the old Harry’s Restaurant and Bar property at 2144 Market St.