Conor Pandl

With fifteen years of Hotel Development experience Conor Pandl is the President and a Principal Partner at Equis Hotels, LLC, a developer, owner and operator of Hilton and Marriott hotels.  Since joining Equis in 2006 his primary responsibility in this role has been to establish the financial viability of every new hotel development, the acquisition and sale of existing hotels, refinancing options, budgeting and forecasting for all properties, as well as cash management. Conor is in daily contact with each hotel’s management team to continually update projections and objectives to ensure persistent financial growth. Conor works alongside both an in house construction and hospitality team to evaluate each new opportunity. This allows for projects to be fully vetted from a construction, development, and operational perspective. Conor is involved in every step of the development process, from initial analysis and purchase, to entitlement and zoning, through coordinating construction draws, and continuing forward with each asset’s opening.

Conor has been an integral part of underwriting, reviewing, and closing every business deal Equis has been involved with since 2006, amounting to over $350,000,000 of capital transactions, including hotel related purchases, hotel developments and renovations, and hotel refinances.

Conor previously worked for Broadview Advisors, an investment advisor based in Milwaukee where he concentrated on ascertaining and maintaining value projections for a broad range of publicly traded companies.

Prior to starting his professional career Conor graduated summa cum laude from Saint Louis University where he received a B.S. in Finance. Conor currently lives in Maplewood, Missouri a suburb of St. Louis with his wife.